Teaching Maths with literature

It’s a good idea to try and bring the maths your child is focusing on ‘to life’ in the stories you read together. Most books present opportunities to do something, even if it’s just getting your child to look at the sequence of page numbers and use them to find a page.

Here are some you many already have that are great for particular areas of Maths:

Number pattern & order:  Bertie and the Bear  by Pamela Allen (K & upwards)

Making comparisons:  Counting on Frank  by Rod Clement (K & upwards)

Subitizing:  The Grouchy Ladybird  by Eric Carle (K & upwards)

Partitioning : One Is a Snail, Ten Is a Crab  by Sayre & Cecil (K & upwards)

Counting large numbers:  Out for the Count  by Cave & Riddell (K & upwards)

Thinking about millions:  The Giant Jam Sandwich  by John Vernon Lord (K & upwards)

Have fun!








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