I’m Ready For Kindergarten!

Today’s tech gadgets make it look like our children can learn anything from an early age. But how do parents know if their child is actually learning what he or she needs to know to be a success in school?

As a parent, it is tough to navigate the confusing and often conflicting advice on what really matters when preparing your child for school.

This new book, I’m Ready for Kindergarten, changes all that. In clear, simple steps, you can ensure that your child is ready for kindergarten and grade school success.

I’m Ready for Kindergarten provides:

• An easy assessment tool to discover your child’s strengths and weaknesses in pre-reading and math, and his or her overall readiness for school
• Short activities you can do with your child to build his or her vocabulary
• Fun activities that will help your child to communicate confidently with teachers and new friends
• Easy exercises that allow your child to learn through play
• Pre-reading, writing and math activities to prepare your child for success in reading, writing and math

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