Times Tables Remembered

If you’re worried that your child is not learning times tables successfully, this e-book will help. It has been written by a numeracy specialist, specifically to address this very common problem. It reduces the emphasis on traditional lists and this is very important. A child who has had a lot of trouble learning lists of facts needs a different, more sensible approach…an approach that focuses on learning through understanding.

Whether your child is just starting out with tables, having trouble learning them or having trouble remembering them, the process in this e-book will suit their needs.

Using best practice teaching strategies, you will learn how to teach your child easily and efficiently with hands-on materials and number grids.

Young children can’t think in multiples – it’s too abstract. Their multiplicative thinking only starts developing from about 8 years of age. Many children are expected to learn multiplication facts before they’re actually ready for this degree of abstraction.

All children need to see actual groupings of objects in order to learn what “times” really means. This e-book focuses on helping your child develop the ability to think in multiples, initially through hands-on grouping of common, everyday objects. At the same time, your child will learn how to link sets of facts together to make them faster and easier to learn. This involves learning three interesting and useful strategies that may well be unknown to your child at the moment. These strategies are also applicable in many other aspects of Maths.

The process in this e-book is fun to do, and is suitable for children aged 8-12+


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